Why girls need a friendzone?

Basically, girls need a friendzone to have someone as a spare option or to use someone. Surely, sometimes there is a true friendship between men and women, but this is not too common.

Why girls put boys into the friend zone?

If a person finds himself in a friendzone, then he probably is a spare option. Women are very comfortable to have a spare option if she does not meet the man of her dreams. If you understand that you are in such situation, then you need to stop keeping illusions. In such a situation you need to have the courage to break any ties with this girl. Girls often get pleasure from the fact that someone loves them, cares of her, and gets their attention with Kendall Jenner Leaks. This way a woman raises their self-esteem. She will enjoy the attention, not letting you closer, which is not an option. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should run from it. Money plays an important role in why the girl still holds you in the friend zone. This is a very comfortable position for her and very devastating for you. Surely, not all girls are playing with friend zones, but many of them do. Thereby, if you are feeling uncomfortable in the begging stage, you should pay attention to all the signs. After all, the more information you have, the more chances are to keep focused.

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