Can Your Exes Rebound Relationship Be a Good Thing For YOU

Rebound Relationships Only Last For So Long.
It can if your ex is in a rebound relationship, and you would like them back, it may be a good thing! Doesn’t sound like a good thing right? But it just may be the best thing that could have happened after the breakup.

If she or he is in a rebound relationship then they are dating that person, most likely, to get over you and get on with their life. They don’t want to deal with the negative emotions they are having and they want to replace that void they feel as quickly as possible.

main point is that they are in a rebound relationship to help get over you. It doesn’t matter why you broke up and what was said before, during, and after the breakup. It only matters that there are still strong feelings going on – strong enough to allow your ex not to be able to be comfortable being alone with their emotions and having to fill their time up with a distraction.

If there is still a strong emotion of love there, then the relationship has the potential to be saved.
Chances are your exes rebound relationship is with someone who is not like you – at all. If you enjoyed going out and dancing then their new partner probably enjoys staying home. If you enjoyed Chinese then their new partner probably enjoys ukranian food. Their new relationship should not resemble your old relationship very closely.

This is good for a couple reasons:

  1. Your ex is still thinking about you when they are with their new partner because you are so drastically different from them.
  2. It gives you the ability to see what she or he does not want in a relationship by picking things she or he thinks they want. Remember that if the rebound relationship is with someone who is completely different than you, then your ex is looking for something – some trait, that was missing in your relationship.

The rebound relationship will not likely last very long. As soon as the distraction period is over your ex will start to see that this new person is not very good them and feel strong enough to be single for a while. In fact, you may start looking good in your exes eyes and that may be a cause for break up with this new relationship.

Then when the rebound relationship ends your ex will actually have time to think about you and the good things you had in your relationship. Their feelings won’t be so negative and raw towards you at that time, and they will have a comparison of the good you brought to their life as opposed to the negative emotions from their recent rebound relationship ending. This means that you may shine in a good light you otherwise wouldn’t have if they didn’t have a rebound relationship.

You can probably expect a phone call or message at this time if your ex is still interested in a relationship with you.

Tips on How To Act When Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship

  • Don’t try to prove that you are the one they should be with. If you keep forcing the issues you will only scare your ex away. Let your ex come to the conclusion on their own.
  • Don’t phone crying and begging for them back. If you think you caused the relationship break up then let them know you are sorry and leave it at that. Your ex will get the hint and realize that you are sorry without you hounding them about how bad you feel.
  • Remember that when your ex starts dating quickly after you break up, it’s only a rebound relationship, and rebound relationships don’t tend to last very long. It’s nothing to be jealous about or worried about. It’s all about avoiding emotions that they still have towards you – and that can be a good thing in the long run.

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