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How To Be A Bad Boy

Have you ever wondered why a lot of girls are attracted to bad boys? You may already know that a lot of girls would easily chose a bad boy over just a nice guy. Why does this happen? Stay tuned and you will find out.

The details:

According to a study from, their are four main reasons why females want to be with a bad boy.

Want what is familiar: Some girls were raised by a dad that was rebellious and very alpha. Because of this, females will choose to want to be with a guy that has similar rebellious and alpha qualities. A lot of times females don’t realize that they are doing this because most of these decisions are already made subconsciously. Females also chose to be with a bad boy because they know that their dad would be impressed in some way.

The urge to redo the father-daughter relationship: Some females grew up having a poor relationship with their dad and in some way wish they could change that. When girls get romantically involved with a bad boy, most of the time girls have an urge to make that relationship work out no matter what. A girl will pretty much try to solve the conflict she had with her dad through a bad boy romantic partner.

The drive to save a man: A lot of girls get excited when they are romantically involved with a bad boy because they want to take pride in rescuing a guy from a wrong path in life. Girls view this as a challenge and they love it.

The desire for adventure: Obviously a lot of women get excited with the thrill, excitement and the sense of danger that bad boys bring. This is more true for girls that have been good girls most of their lives. A lot of these good girls grew up in an environment where they had to conform and comply to rules a lot. This causes females to naturally become very curious(attracted) to the bad boy style because bad boys live by their own rules and do not comply with everything.

So what makes a bad boy a bad boy?

First of all there are two types of bad boys. Their is a constructive type and a destructive type.

The destructive type: This type of bad boy acts irrational and immature. He does not think about cause and effect. He lives with no purpose in life. He repels people and leads people by fear. This type of bad boy is a heart breaker and can betray his friends. He is not trustworthy in the long run and mainly leads people with low self esteems. This type of bad boy insults people on purpose and makes few real friends during his life. This path will lead you to a negative and a destructive lifestyle.

The constructive type: This type of bad boy is ambitious and lives with a purpose in life. He is a leader that motivates and inspires. He stays physically fit and always works towards keeping his life together. This type of bad boy innovates old rules. This type of bad boy takes care about his fashion from head to toe. They trust themselves and do not rely in their peers approval.

Other qualities of a constructive bad boy:

  • Avoids stressing out over every aspect of his life
  • Keeps a calm and cool head even in crisis situations
  • Becomes the center of his own world (Puts his work and path first above anything else)
  • Does not ask for permission
  • Is honest with himself and others
  • Takes pride in his physic and so he stays fit
  • Is comfortable being uncomfortable

Bottom line:

Now that you know the main aspect of how to be a bad boy, you will be able to better direct yourself in a way that that will turn most women on and start having them wanting you. Remember their are two types of bad boys. You decide which one you want to become.

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