Relationship Advice For Married Couples

Remember the days when relationships were easy. If you didn’t have a good time in the relationship, and did not find relationship advice suitable for you and your situation, you had the option of bailing out and moving on to someone else?
Once you get married that option goes out the window. With marriage comes many commitments and shared responsibilities and bailing out of the relationship is not so easy anymore!
That’s why you need to get the best relationship advice you can find when things are not going right in the relationship. You don’t want relationship advice that is going to drag you further into an unhappy marriage and cause you to resent your spouse for all they are and all they have done (which is exactly what can happen if you let it)!

So take the following marriage advice to heart.

1. Always strive to make your relationship better
Don’t ever slack off on your marriage! It should be one of the focal points of your life. If you let your relationship sit around in the rain without taking the time to dry it off and give it some sun, then it will slowly start to become rusty and worn out. The rustier it gets, the harder it will be to bring back to its optimum state again. So don’t wait until it becomes too hard…always take the time to make your relationship better.
2. Laugh together more than you cry or fight
Simple rule right? But poweful! Make sure to always spend more time laugihng together than anything else. Laughter creates a sense of closeness that you can get from any other emotion. It let’s you see eachotehr with softer and more understanding eyes, and it fixes problems that seem unfixable otherwise.
Make it a rule to laugh together at least twice a day! Your marriage will only improve because of it!
3. Stay on the same page in your relationship
There are many things that you are not going to be on the same page about. The way to do laundry, how great a certain TV show is, and how nice you should really be to your miserable mother-in-law. But there are some things that you want to stay on the same page with in order to have a great relationship.
First, you want to make sure that you both are happy with the relationship. If not, it’s time to find out how to both become happy with the relationship again.
Secondly, you want to make sure that you both have a sense of where the relationship is going. For instance, if you think the relationship is going to end up sitting on a beach in Jamaica, while your partner thinks it’s going to be living in an Igloo (I don’t know, it’s what came to mind) than you have a problem!
4. Always try to make your spouse feel good
This is probably the best relationship advice I’ve ever heard. I think I heard it first from Dr. Phil. It’s about waking up and doing something good for your spouse every day. It’s about asking yourself «What can I do to make their day better?» It’s about putting your spouse in the top of your to-do list.

Your spouse will love you for it and return the favor.
So when it comes to relationship advice for married couples, the above 4 tips should be a priority on any marriage’s list. Make sure they are and your marriage will thank you!

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