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Snooping Through Your Boyfriends Phone – Why You Should Never Do It

Your boyfriend hops in the shower, and before he does he empties his pockets onto your bureau. Wallet, loose change, and cell phone. As you hear the water running, you look at his cell phone and contemplate your opportunity. You could easily pick it up and do some investigating. He’ll never know you looked through his text messages or call records, and you can be reassured that he’s not doing anything shady behind your back. It seems like a win-win situation, but stop for a moment and reconsider. It’s actually a terrible idea. You should never snoop through your boyfriend’s cell phone, no matter what, and here’s why not.

He’s Probably Done Nothing Wrong

Your boyfriend isn’t that stupid. He knows when he’s given you the opportunity to look through his cell phone by leaving it out. If he does this, it means he’s totally confident that you wouldn’t find anything to be mad about. He hasn’t done anything wrong. If he doesn’t even have a passcode on his phone, he isn’t trying very hard to protect himself from your potential snooping. He has nothing to hide, so don’t be a crazy girlfriend and look anyway.

You Might Find Something You Shouldn’t

Everyone, even your boyfriend, has things about their lives that they don’t want to share with everyone. Even if he’s not cheating on you, he might have other things he wouldn’t want you to know about. Maybe all you’ll find is something embarrassing like how he’s been searching WebMD for the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot. Worst case scenario: you’ll find out he’s planning a surprise romantic getaway, and how bad would you feel then?

You Expect Him to Respect Your Privacy

One of the main reasons you should never snoop through your boyfriend’s phone is that it’s a violation of the Golden Rule. You wouldn’t want him to go through your phone without your knowledge, would you? Even if you have nothing to hide, it’s the principle of the matter. If he wanted to look through your phone, he should ask you, and you should do the same. You can’t expect him to keep his hands off your phone if you can’t keep your hands off his.

It’s the Wrong Way to Handle Your Suspicions

You might be considering snooping through his phone because you suspect he might be cheating on you. You want to check for incriminating pictures, emails, or calls so you can have the proof you need to confront him with. If you really think your man is cheating on you, though, looking through his phone is the wrong way to handle the situation. The best thing to do is talk to him and ask him directly. Yes, he might lie, but trying to find out in a sneaky way if he’s cheating is just hypocritical.

Here’s a final word of advice to all you conflicted ladies out there – if you feel the need to look through your boyfriend’s phone, you have trust issues that aren’t going to be solved with a quick scan of his phone.

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