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How to Turn on a Girl (and Make Her Wet) Using Sensual Language

The problem with touching for some guys is that it presents a far greater chance of getting rejected pointblank. They want to know how to turn on a girl but they can’t get their hands to work for them.
They are too nervous to try out anything physical. And if in case they do summon up the courage to do so, they’re so nervous that the touch feels really clammy, sweaty, shaky, and weird that the girl can’t help but cringe.
If you can’t touch a girl the right way, how the hell are you going to make her attracted to you?
Fortunately, there is a way for you to still seduce ladies without initiating physical contact. That is to use the power of your words.
Sensual language, as some people would refer to it, plays an important part in attraction and seduction. Not a lot of men are confident enough when it comes to using kino, so they need to find another way to make a woman desire them.
There are various ways on how to turn on a woman, and being sensual with words is one of the most effective. With the right words said at the right moment, you will be able to make a girl like you so much they’d practically jump you.
You are about to discover a really cool secret. It’s something that will help you become good at how to turn on a girl with ‘innocent’ words. You will be able to smooth talk your way to her pants without her knowing it.
You will be able to make her feel hot and increase sexual desire while talking about trivial things. The words you say will trigger something in her that will make her want to get in bed with you.
You will be able to turn her on so easily you don’t have to touch her.
How would you like that?
Let me share with you some of the “magical words” that can turn on the furnace in her.
The first thing you need to know is that women get turned on by sexual tension. While us guys are turned on by images and touch, women get aroused by the emotional push-pull. Teasing her in any way will surely make her want to have sex with you. And, as mentioned earlier, some guys just can’t do that because they’re afraid to touch.
The good thing about using sensual language is that you can always deny that you were insinuating sex in case the woman gets offended.
So let’s proceed with the ways on how to turn on a girl with words. There is a certain set of words you should use to make her feel aroused and create an image in her mind that has you and her sharing the same blanket.
Words like warm, deep, thrust, moist, hard, throbbing, stroke, come, get in, wet, and rock-hard can paint a pretty sexual picture in her head.
The magic here is you don’t even have to talk about sex to turn her on. You simply infuse these words in your conversation. For example, if you are going to meet up with a girl, you can tell her “come here.” The word come doesn’t denote anything sexual, but the way it’s pronounced and how you say it would certainly get her imagination rolling.
Or you can tell her “I’m sure you’re going to get all wet” when it starts raining and you need to head out to the restaurant where you have a reservation. The phrase get all wet will surely make her think of something else.
Using these words will trick her mind into thinking of sex. And if you do it right (you are relaxed and confident) you will easily get her to bed.
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