Shower erotic massage

Our company provides different types of erotic massages. One of them is the shower erotic massage. This procedure has two steps. Before the tantric massage, our clients take a warm shower to increase sexual energy and relax. This section usually lasts for ten minutes. After that, the second part with body massage and erotic techniques starts. For SweetSensations female specialists, it is necessary to constantly monitor the reaction of men to certain actions. Partners should not talk during the massage, because this helps to fully focus on the sensations.

An endless stream of energy

In the tantric theory, it is said that each man is an endless stream of energy. To achieve health, it is necessary to help the energy in the body to circulate harmoniously. Due to this theory, there are seven zones that are located all over the body. During the extensive body, massage energy flows open their doors, which releases sexual energy. As you know, it is totally not healthy to keep the sexual energy unused, because it damages the body.

Our masseuses stroke all parts of the client’s body which help to relax and have fun. To open your energy to the maximum level, masseuses stroke the body from neck to tailbone. This needs to be done several times, before going to another level. The main thing is to produce movements gently and smoothly, to increase and decrease the pace.

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