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What To Wear To Make Yourself Appear Taller

Some of us weren’t born with excessive height. Even more of us have too much weight for our height. In other words, we need to at least appear taller to support the bulk we are carrying around. Many height-challenged have the misfortune of dating people who are not just inches, but often a full head taller than them, so dressing to appear taller can be important.We asked high-class escort girl from SexoDubai to share some advices.

For women, it is easy to appear taller. Wear heels. Period. Even by adding an inch, you will see the difference. This is easy to do when you are dressing up, but not so easy in every day life.

For casual attire, there are several ways to go. Women can wear tennis or casual shoes with higher heels built in. Of course they aren’t built for a jog around the block, but they can still be comfortable. Some flip-flops are also made (and oddly enough, they are very popular right now) with higher soles.

You can also fake people into thinking that you are taller by doing several things. They don’t call it «big hair» for nothing! Pile that hair up on the top of your head for a few extra inches. The higher, the better!
Vertical stripes also work! By wearing a pair of pin-stripe pants, you will appear taller. A long, tight-fitting blouse or jacket with thin stripes will also increase both your virtual height but also reduce your size. Clothes that are tighter will make you appear taller (and slimmer). If you have ever seen a short person with large, baggy pants, you will notice how much shorter they seem. The opposite can also be true. Put tight-fitting pants on the same person and they will seem taller.

For men, high heels are not really an option, although traditional dress shoes do come in heels up to 1″ high. Anything higher than that, and people will know you are «heightening». Feel free to put an insert into your shoes for a few extra centimeters.

The best thing both genders can do, however, to increase their virtual height, is to stand up straight. Standing up straight can add several inches to your height instantly. Remember what your mom used to tell you – put your shoulders back, your chest out, and stand up straight!

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